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Supporting a Young Person through Puberty

Event Date: October 24th, 2019

Event Times: 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Location: Belfast BT12 7DG

Price: £70.00

Supporting a Young Person through Puberty

Developing adult bodies is normal progression for all young people but for those on the autism spectrum is may be particularly difficult. Regardless of the diagnosis, all individuals with ASD will reach puberty around the same time as their neuro-typical peers. This is often a much under-discussed topic within autism with many parents and young people often unequipped with the body changes, hormone changes and other issues associated with puberty. 

Target AudienceParents of children diagnosed with Autism, under suspicion of Autism or related disorder. Professionals from both the statutory and voluntary sector supporting children/young people with autism and their families.

PEAT has been delivering Autism Intervention, Support and Training across Northern Ireland for 20 years.

PEAT trainers are professionally credentialed Behaviour Analysts trained to international standards.

Note: PEAT workshops can be replicated for in house training. This can save money in attendance fees and travel costs, as well as enabling the motivation of a larger group in one session.


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