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The Authors

Mickey Keenan

Prof. Mickey Keenan, BCBA-D, is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Trustee of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, and Distinguished Community Fellow of Ulster University, N. Ireland. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles in a broad range of topics in behaviour analysis and 4 books related to autism and ABA. He is recognised internationally for his advocacy work on ABA and autism and has received numerous awards including Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity (The British Psychological Society), Personal Achievement Award (New York State Association for Behavior Analysis), Award for Public Service in Behavior Analysis (Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis), Michael Hemmingway Award (Behavior Analyst Certification Board), the award for International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis (Society for Advancement of Behavior Analysis), and in 2015 the International Advocacy Award from Autism Speaks, their first international honoree. He established the first charity in Ireland (P.E.A.T.) that had the promotion of ABA in its mission statement. He co-authored the first multimedia book on behaviour analysis and has championed the use of multimedia techniques for teaching conceptual issues in behaviour analysis (

Stephen Gallagher

Dr Stephen Gallagher , BCBA-D, studied Social Psychology for his undergraduate degree and then completed his PhD on the effects of living in long-term care upon the behavioural repertoire of elderly individuals. For 7 years Stephen worked in the community as a Consultant Behaviour Analyst for the local autism charity ‘Parents’ Education as Autism Therapists’. His role involved designing and implementing home- and school-based ABA programmes for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). He joined the School of Psychology at Ulster University in 2007. He is Course Director for the MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and also teaches at an undergraduate level. He is also Course Coordinator for a Certificate level course in ABA aimed at teaching parents who have a child with a diagnosis of ASD.


Following a placement with PEAT as part of her undergraduate degree at Ulster University Nichola completed her MSc in ABA at Ulster in 2008. Following this she became a Child Support programme Manager at PEAT and, after obtaining BCBA certification in 2009 she became the lead behaviour analyst. PEAT is the only charity in Northern Ireland that offers behaviour analytic support to parents. It does this without receiving any government funding. Currently PEAT provides home support to over 150 families a month, helping parents understand and successfully manage a wide range of behaviour problems. Nichola has been involved in developing the training programme of PEAT which has been delivered to a number of schools across Northern Ireland, to various agencies involved with autism support and challenging behaviour as well to parents and carers living with autism. She has also taught at both Universities on both Undergraduate and Masters level degrees. She was involved in the two major European Funded projects ( in which the ‘Simple Steps’ multimedia training package produced by PEAT was translated into nine European languages. She is currently a PhD candidate at Ulster University where her area of interest is the importance of parental involvement in home-based ABA programmes.

Karola Dillenburger

Prof Karola Dillenburger, BCBA-D, is a Clinical Psychologist (HCPC Registered) and Founding Director of the Centre for Behaviour Analysis at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is the co-oridnator of the MScASD at QUB and was instrumental in developing the MScABA. Her research interest focus on Applied Behaviour Analysis, behavioural parent training, developmental disabilities and autism, special education, and psychological trauma. She is widely published including 8 books (including hardcopy as well as ebooks) and over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles. She is frequently invited to speak at international conference and workshops.

Pete Moxon

Dr. Pete Moxon is a Principal Lecturer, Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Psychology, Division of Psychology and Counselling, University of Huddersfield. His research areas include Learning theory, complex learning, and applied behaviour analysis.