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Black Box

In my experience, parents who have been trained in ABA see very quickly the progress that their children make when they are guided by basic princples at the heart of a science of behaviour. Unfortunately, though, they run into other problems when they find that they know more about ABA than professionals not trained in it. In truth, it's not simply that the professionals are not trained in ABA, but they are usually trained in the misrepresentation of ABA. My own experience in teaching Psychology is that pscyhologists perpetuate myths about behaviour analysis. The biggest one is that behaviour analysts treat people as 'black boxes'. That is, the science is said not to be interested in thinking, feeling, in fact it is said to be superficial and ignores most of the characteristics that make us uniquely human. As someone who grew up in a divided society in N. Ireland I have an intimate understanding of the difficulties in addressing prejudical views, especially those that result in others being disadvantaged. This movie tackles the misinformation about behaviour analysis head on.

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